About Satyroi

Satyroi provides a relaxation & erotic refresh Balinese massage for men through our gay therapist.
We offer services to gay and bisexual, and married men who are interested in men as well as inexperienced men.

Our therapist offers original treatment maximizing the feeling of pleasure and relief by utilizing his experiences in working at a Balinese massage saloon and Thai ancient massage saloon as well as the knowledge gained through research on neuroscience and brain science.

The treatment reap the maximum massage feeling and sexual feeling out of you by practicing Bali style oil massage and foot reflexology vigorously and teasing your cock without stop while your body and the body of the therapist are attached to each other in naked, which would make you full of milk extract.

As continue to be fiddled, your cock would inevitably be on the verge of explosion although you are forced to stop right before repeatedly.
In order to support all the men who are working hard daily, we provide the extreme feeling of sexual pleasure and healing.

※ In our shop, although touching is permitted, we are prohibiting contact between mucous membranes and contact between body fluids and mucous membranes in order to prevent infections of customers and therapists.

About Treatment

The treatment gives Shiatsu treatment slowly and elaborately but vigorously for swelling, muscle fatigue, and stiffness along the flow of muscle and lymph using a thumb, fist, arm, etc, at the same time caressing the whole body, nipples, ears, paws, and crotch, as well as occasionally invading the glans while interlocking with sudden pause and fascination and finally it leads to ejaculation. Pre-ejaculatory juice juice from erected male unit is hard to be thirsted due to its oily feature and clings to the area around the glans.

As the treatment goes on for more than an hour to finger all the time,your paws reach to the limit to a bang! When you reach to the maximum horny level, the treatment is going to finish you with oil and milk extract sticking around your cock and make it exploded with the tremendous amount of Semen.

※ 60 minutes course: No hands and foot massage.
※ For the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, etc., any contact between mucous membranes (blowjobs, rimming, helmet matching, deep kiss) and prohibiting the action of putting Semen and pat on the mucous membrane!

About Saloon

2 private rooms are available within 6-minute walk from Shinjuku Gyoen Station.

Also within 5 minutes from Yotsuya Sanchome Station, Shinjuku Sanchome Station and within 10 minutes from Sendagaya and Kokuritsu Kyogijomae Station.

※ For more details on the location, we will inform you after receiving your reservation.


※ If you are late for the reserved time, we may change course contents and shorten the time. In addition, we will charge the full course fee for cancellation after the staring time of the reservation.

Those who apply to one of the following conditions may be refused to use our service and practice our treatment for safety reasons.

  • Elderly People
  • Person who is drunk
  • Person with cold with fever
  • Person with diabetes and gout
  • Person with bone abnormalities such as hernia and osteoporosis
  • Person who has heart disease such as myocardial infarction (including one with an anomaly)
  • Person who has a disease such as brain tumor or cerebral infarction (including one with an anomaly)
  • Person with warts, severe athlete's foot and contagious infectious diseases Persons with injuries such as broken bones and sprains
  • Person with varicose veins





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